What People with No Children Do Not Know…

This post is inspired by a video clip my sister in law showed me. An English Comic was doing stand up and he was talking about what life is like for those who do not have children and for those who do. It got me thinking about how much my life has changed since my son was born. Here are a few scenarios that pertain to my personal life and I’m sure to others as well.


When you are exhausted from a long day..

No Kids:
– I am going to bed now. Good night.

– ugh I cannot wait for these kids to go to bed.
– No johnny don’t do that you’re going to wake the baby! (Insert crying baby)
– 2 hours later…finally I can go to bed… (insert whinning toddler)
– Mommy I need water… (insert baby crying)
45 minutes later…
-ok NOW I CAN GO TO BED…its only 12am…

When you want to watch your tv show..

No Kids:
– Oh honey look NCIS is on…
– Good babe turn it on!

– (Changes Channel and Turns on NCIS)
– Mommy! (Toddler crying)
– ok ok I’ll turn sponge bob back on.

When you want to go out…

No Kids:
– Babe, Lets go out for dinner.
-Ok hun let me grab my purse.

– Babe, can you get the baby dressed? Is the diaper bag ready?
-Johnny come here let me put your shoes on.
– no no no! Johnny come here!
– ok where is your jacket?
– No it’s not time to play. We are going bye bye.
– Did you go potty?
– Come on lets go!

(3 hours later you get out the door)

Talking on the phone..

No Kids:
– hey what’s going on?
– oh not much just sitting here relaxing with a glass of cabernet.
– that’s great. I had a great date night out last night and slept until noon today.
With Kids:
– hey what’s going on?
– Not much just in the middle of…. No Johnny! Give that back to the baby! Ugh don’t climb on that! No don’t put that in your mouth! Stop jumping on the couch. (Baby crying)
– I’ll have to call you back.

Going to the Movies…

No Kids:
– What time is the movie?
– 8
– ok great lets get dinner beforehand

– Did you get a sitter?
– Yeah they should be here in 15min…
(20 minutes after sitter arrives)
– ok and this is how Johnny likes a story read to him and make sure you give him cuddle bear and oh no juice after 7 and make sure he brushes his teeth….
(10 minutes later finally leave)
– We are going to be late.
– ugh oh well lets just grab something to eat and go home…
(Sits down to eat and phone rings)
– Hi Johnny won’t stop crying…
– ok we are on our way home

So before you have kids make sure you are ready! Children are a complete joy and blessings! I love my babies and wouldn’t change a thing! Every sacrifice and changes we have made is more than worth it. God bless my babies.