2013: A Look Back


Well 2013 sure didn’t disappoint with its great memories and the not so great memories. Nothing could’ve prepared us for what 2013 had in store.

A lot of changes were made to our family. We had the birth of our daughter. Now our family is complete and things couldn’t be any better. It sure has been an adjustment for all of us, but we get stronger and stronger every day as a family. Aiden, our two year old had to learn that he was not the only baby we had to take care of anymore. This was a bit of a struggle because he is non-verbal for the most part, but we are working on changing that.

Our Son had to start speech therapy which was and is amazing. He started speech therapy in August. He has made such progress working twice a week with his teacher. It can be a challenge some days as he can get very frustrated trying to communicate with us. Aiden is a trooper and we are doing everything we can to help him thrive. He had to get a Frenuloplasty to fix his tongue tie which was preventing him from speaking. This was a horrific experience. He had a terrible recovery because he punctured his tongue right after surgery by biting it.

We took our first family mini vacation and it was a blast! A bit cold but a lot of fun! We went down to the beach. It was so cute to see our son out on the beach with my husband having a great time. We thought for sure that he would hate the sand. He loved it! Even though our children are so young we still make some amazing memories.


For Christmas this year we had extended family visiting from a few down south. It was so great! Aiden had so much fun playing with his cousins that he has never met before. It was like they were great friends who play together all the time. Maybe that is something children can teach adults. They can teach us how to get along, accept one another, and have a good time!

As for my marriage, I do not think it could be any better. Every marriage and relationship does have its struggles and challenges. By relationships, I mean all types. Relationships with extended family members as well.
I have learned to take a step back and distance myself from those who I feel are having ill feelings towards me. I rarely purposely try and hurt people especially not my family, but I am also not perfect. I am hoping that moving forward in the new year that relationships can be repaired and move forward to a positive place. Its hard when you don’t feel like you fit in or that you don’t belong within a family when you have accepted them. Time will only tell as to what the future holds. I just really hope that something great comes out of all of this.


When it comes to my health, 2013 was a mess for me. I was pregnant up until June. I am suffering from arthritis in most of my body and my weight has become an issue. I am starting the 17 day diet tomorrow. It should be interesting. I have been on this diet before and lost a lot of weight. I plan on updating every couple of days during so I can look back on my weight loss journey.

I know this post is a bit late, but hey that’s ok! I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year! I am looking forward to what 2014 has to offer.



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