I am so heartbroken by the fact that so many people take marriage so lightly. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred sanction between two people who love and cherish each other. I completely understand that over time, people change and things happen. However, I feel like people are supposed to grow up and old with each other. Remain Loyal and Loving. I am not quite sure how one falls out of love with someone. Maybe I am being naive. It just seems like instead of working on your relationship, you just give up because divorce seems easier. All marriages and relationships have their rough patches.

“Till Death Do Us Part” – is supposed to mean something. It meant something to me when I married my husband and still does.

You should try everything you possibly can to save your marriage or work through a rough time. Go to counseling, read articles, or just communicate. Communication is a huge problem in a lot of relationships.

Instead of just  listening and taking in everything someone is saying; people either tune them out after the first two statements or go on the defensive right away.  So try your best to listen to what your partner is saying to you.  If you have a hard time verbally saying what is wrong or how you feel, write a letter. Some get very overwhelmed with their feelings and can’t verbalize what they exactly want to say.  Another huge issue is communicating over text messages or some kind of messaging application. Do not discuss important things like relationship issues through text messaging! It can make things one hundred times worse! Just do not do it! Cosmopolitan or Woman’s Day Magazine doesn’t always have the best or worst advice. Not every relationship is the same. Love is not a fairy tale, unfortunately. As we grow up we picture the perfect partner and it is not always who you end up with. That is OK! Do not give your partner expectations that only a perfect person from a fairy tale could manage to achieve.   My last piece of advice is, do not bring family or mutual friends into the situation. Do not discuss your marriage with those who will make things worse for you both. I understand that sometimes it is easier to run to a family member for help; But when everything is better, how is that family member going to treat or look at your partner? Will they dislike them? Do they know the WHOLE story? Probably not.

Ways to keep your partner happy and yourself! A happy partner usually ends up with you being happy as well.  Those who are happy in relationships can make those around them feel happy as well.

  1. Give them all your attention at some point during the day. (no phones, no real distractions)
  2. Simple reminders of how in love you are with them throughout the day.
  3. Cuddle! Cuddle! Cuddle!
  4. Appreciate them and make sure they know it!
  5. Be spontaneous!
  6. Compliment them here and there.
  7. Sweet Gestures i.e. opening and closing doors, kisses throughout your day, just letting them know you love them.
  8. Let your partner have their OWN time. Whether they like to knit, play video games, hunt or bake.
  9. Try to do things together and have fun with whatever it is you are doing. (grocery shopping, laundry, or cooking)
  10. Treat them like your queen or king.

I am not promising that this will fix all your problems or guarantee that these will make your relationship perfect. But there is nothing wrong with trying.

“Happy Wife = Happy Life!”



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